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Hell on Wheels 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," wrote Shakespeare, but I don't think he was talking about a heavily tattooed, frilly outfitted, hard-checking, skating demon cheated out of a contract. Bob Ray's Hell on Wheels follows the formation of the first of the retro roller derby leagues, which got rolling in 2001 in Austin, Texas. At first, it's an odd mix of sisterhood and reclaimed feminine identity by women who are athletic, strong-willed, independent and of all body shapes and sizes. They suit up in schoolgirl outfits and Daisy Duke-like cowgirl ditties and take on raunchy-punning pseudonyms, then get out on the track and alternately scorch the track with speed and brawl in raging, fist-flying cat fights. But things get really ugly when they try to incorporate the leagues into a business. Many of the women decide they don't like working for The Woman. So the question becomes, is Texas big enough for two roller derby leagues? Thus begins the mother of all catfights. And would one of these leagues of modern women stoop to oil wrestling bouts in bars on Austin's Sixth Street to keep its hopes alive? Absolutely. The film spends as much time watching the originators pour their hearts and souls into getting the league rolling as it does watching them skate and jam. There are a lot of hard knocks on and off the track. Skaters from the Big Easy Roller Girls (pictured) will attend the screening. Tickets $8 general admission, $6 New Orleans Film Society/CAC members. " Will Coviello 7:30 p.m. Tue., Aug. 12

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