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Eleanor Friedberger with Hospitality at Circle Bar


Eleanor Friedberger last visited New Orleans in October, opening for Wild Flag in front of a packed house at One Eyed Jacks; six months later, she takes center stage in the confines of the ably renovated (but still stageless) Circle Bar. The two shows mirror Friedberger's recent career moves: tapping out of vested sibling tag team the Fiery Furnaces in 2010 to reveal something closer to the vest. So it was that last summer, while Woody Allen was sleepwalking on the Seine, the task of relating stardust memories of New York stories fell to a rookie solo artist from the Chicago suburbs with a penchant for rambles and a soft spot for east of the East River. Every track on the nostalgia-twisting, detail-obsessed Last Summer (Merge) etches new cracks in the heart of Brooklyn, her adopted home and muse. "My Mistakes" opens in medias res, Friedberger blurting out a radio sing-along: "You know I do my best thinking when I'm flying down the bridge." From there, she throws all-too-real "Scenes From Bensonhurst" against the wall, falls asleep on the F train out of "Roosevelt Island" and builds a fresh blue bicycle out of black-market Coney Island parts only to get lost, physically and spiritually, en route to "Owl's Head Park." When she sings "I imagine Governors Island as Shutter Island," it's a whole new New York state of mind. Merge labelmate Hospitality opens. Tickets $10. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

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