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Eiffel Society launches new music series

AF THE NAYSAYER, Alfred Banks and others perform Feb. 21



Eiffel Society, despite its best efforts, never will be an ideal venue for live music (i.e., the next octagonal, 6,000-square-foot glass-walled recording studio will be the first). But the Parisian recycling project has more to offer than challenging acoustics, all of which are interrelated: a towering lineage, an abundance of style, dramatic St. Charles Avenue real estate and creatively flexible curators. The 2017 series "New Talent Tuesdays" flexes every one of its steel muscles. A partnership with "third coast" arts-and-music collective Portculture, the monthly series bulges with imagination. January fired off with a generous trio of musicians (Dylan Kidd, Friend Kerrek and Derek Taylor), and this "limited edition Mardi Gras" follow-up powder keg seems to know no limits: No less than a dozen performers and eight visual artists are billed, from all-caps Space Harrier AF THE NAYSAYER's (pictured) sine-and-cosine tangents within the triangle of jazz, electronica and hip-hop to Alfred Banks' eulogistic homilies and Mike Hazel's moonlit, Rick-slick line readings (visit for full lineup). Forgive the vitreous perimeter if it threatens to crack. Tickets $5.

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