Educated Fashion

Smart looks for on- and off-campus


Fashion on college campuses this season is hip, avant-garde, preppy and fun and accessories are snappy and no-nonsense. Here are some of our favorite finds.

PHOTO# 1 (yellow shoes/ Shoefty)

Traveling bright -- Featherweight "H-Street" yellow athletic shoes with bright green trim by Puma, $83, from Shoefty (6010 Magazine St., 896-8737).

PHOTO# 2 (ballet shoe/ Shoefty)

Twinkle toes -- Chocolate leather ballet shoe with a walk-around sole and pink trim by Red Luggage, $90, from Shoefty (6010 Magazine St., 896-8737).

PHOTO# 3 (strappy sandals/ Gae-tana's)

Tighten your straps -- Olive nylon straps are lovely on a cork-sole wedge sandal with an ankle strap by David Aaron, $69, from Gae-tana's Maple Street Clothing (7732 Maple St., 865-9625).

PHOTO# 4 (dress & circle purse/ Jean Therapy)

Dressed to thrill -- Make heads turn in a drop-waist front-pleat dress with a striking patterned top by Cusco of Barcelona, $108; and the perfect match, a circle-design purse with a drawstring closure and leather straps, $156; both from Jean Therapy (5505 Magazine St., 897-5535).

PHOTO# 5 (jean skirt, collar/ Turncoats)

Dress it up -- Need to dress up a T-shirt or anything else? Add a shirt collar (for either sex) and a hand-painted cuff, $5 each; wear it over a denim mini skirt accented with chins over a hemline-tear by K.A. Kitties, $72; from Turncoats (1926 Magazine St., 299-9004).

PHOTO# 6 (green skirt, orange shirt/ Funky Monkey)

Netting a winner -- An olive knit mini skirt with a net overskirt and drawstrings at the waist and hemline by DaModa, $20; is a great base for a sculpted rust knit pullover with a loop accent on the V-neck by DaModa, $20; both from Funky Monkey (3127 Magazine St., 899-5587).

PHOTO# 7 (fashion victim coat/ Turncoats)

A laughing matter -- A re-engineered fully lined shirt jacket by Dolce & Gabbana becomes a humorous statement when it's emblazoned with a hand-painted "Fashion Victim" exclamation, $50, from Turncoats (1926 Magazine St., 299-9004).

PHOTO #8 (rolling stones T-shirt/ funky monkey)

Fashion satisfaction -- You'll be totally satisfied with a redesigned version of a Rolling Stones T-shirt with a V-neck cut and shoulder ties, $32, from Funky Monkey (3127 Magazine St., 899-5587).

PHOTO# 9 (argyle sweater/ Jean Therapy)

Campus standard -- Equally fashionable for men and women is an argyle V-neck sweater with ribbing on the back by Lacoste, $175, from Jean Therapy (5505 Magazine St., 897-5535).

PHOTO# 10 (shirt, tennis shoes, harmonica/ Winky's)

The weather's fine -- Deck you in a men's shirt with lightning bolts on it by Steady Classics, $48; teamed with blue leather tennis shoes with bright yellow toes by Pro Keds, $54; and finish with a bright blue harmonica, $6.50; all from Winky's (2038 Magazine St., 568-1020).

Photo# 11 skirt&blouse/gae-tana)

Precious cargo -- A brown denim cargo skirt by Buffalo, $72, becomes a versatile fashion component, paired here with a cool gold camisole tank top with a floral design on it by ToTheMax, $32, both from Gae-tana's Maple Street Clothing (7732 Maple St., 865-9625).

PHOTO# 12 (Red satchel/ Gae-tana's)

Bag it -- Pack up books, notebooks, pens and other school essentials in a red satchel with pockets for small things and a convenient shoulder strap by Levis, $32, from Gae-tana's Maple Street Clothing (7732 Maple St., 865-9625).

PHOTO# 13 (small orange zipper bag/ Gae-tana's)

Big enough -- Perfect for safely toting money, keys and ID is a orange net zipper pouch (available in several colors) that slips onto the wrist with an elastic band by Walker, $7.50, from Gae-tana's Maple Street Clothing (7732 Maple St., 865-9625).

PHOTO# 14 (flight bag/ The Living Room)

High-flying bag -- Easy-to-clean plastic outer body makes this flight bag great for campus trips; it's a perfect size for a laptop computer and notebooks with playful travel designs and a brown border by Transversion, $42, from The Living Room (3324 Magazine St., 891-8251; 927 Royal St., 595-8860).

PHOTO# 15 (notebook, pen stand, etc./ Stationer of New Orleans)

The write stuff -- The accessories you need for class and after: A spunky design on a hard plastic notebook cover with an elastic band closure holds a spiral notebook and has a pocket for holding papers (comes in four sizes, starting at $6), $15 for the large size. A floral design makes a square spiral-bound journal as lovely as it is useful with lined pages and spaces for dates, $15. A compact double-sided address book lets you keep friends' info on one side and less frivolous contact information on the other, $23. The "Space Pen" by Fisher will write anywhere: underwater, on top of wax, upside down, etc., $26.50; and a purple plastic pen holder that will accommodate a number of writing utensils without ever tipping over, $21. All from Stationer of New Orleans (3947 Magazine St., 895-4868).

PHOTO #16 (small white bottle/ Earthsavers)

Miracle in a bottle -- The container isn't cool and the product isn't even beautiful when you put it on, but according to those who use it -- including actress Liv Tyler -- "Drying Lotion" by Mario Badescu Skincare works wonders in eradicating blemishes overnight, $19.99, from Earthsavers (3301 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Lakeside Shopping Center, Metairie, 835-0225; 5501 Magazine St., 899-8555; 434 Chartres St., 581-4999; 3414 U.S. Hwy. 190, Mandeville, 985-674-1133; 528 N. Columbia St., Covington, 985-875-0300).

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