Editor's Note


If you thought last week's Gambit Weekly looked more than a little different, you're not alone. Beginning with last week's issue, Gambit unveiled a new look and, with it, a slightly new attitude about ourselves and the role that we hope to play in your lives. In addition to a crisper, more contemporary design, we have reconfigured our layout to allow greater editorial flexibility -- we can now offer a greater variety of features and stories than ever before.

The most obvious changes took place in our A&E section, which now opens with a sampling of recommended events, followed by a series of sections devoted to features, reviews, listings and more recommendations of offerings in our city's rich and varied arts scenes. With our new format, we hope to make it easier for you to use Gambit to plan your week -- and for us to better showcase some of the finest writing in the city.

Oh, yeah. There's another thing that showed up in last week's paper. If you couldn't read many of the headlines in the A&E section Š well, you're not alone. Headlines such as 'Kgzd oe Doua' were not supposed to be anagrams -- they were the result of a snafu in our production process. We've already heard from you about those headlines, but to comment on anything else in the paper, please email or write us at Gambit Weekly, 3923 Bienville St., New Orleans, LA 70119.

CORRECTIONS: In our April 19 Jazz Fest preview coverage, the review of You Don't Know What Love Is by Marlon Jordan featuring Stephanie Jordan erroneously attributed the solo in "My Favorite Things" to Marlon Jordan; it was actually performed by Jordan's father, Edward "Kidd" Jordan. In the same issue's review of Roland Guerin's CD Groove, Swing & Harmony II, we wrote that the songs are all original compositions; in fact, three of the tracks are covers. In last week's Opening Act, we reported that John Rankin's Fess Mess CD is on STR Digital Records; it is actually on Rankomatic Records. Finally, in the issues of April 19 and 26, David Kunian was inadvertently left out of the list of Count Basin contributors. Gambit Weekly regrets the errors.

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