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Edgar Nicaud

Seven years ago, a New Orleans banker had what he calls "a moment of idiocy." He quit his job, became a bartender in the Quarter, and wrote a book "inspired by those absurd, liquor-soaked nights that defined New Orleans." After he moved to New York for several years, New Orleans called him home, just in time for the flood. Fortunately, the manuscript survived. Pre-storm plans to self-publish under his own imprint, CoatPocket Press, were not thwarted, and so readers are finally able to read Tremble + Ennui. Edgar Nicaud's irreverent comedic tale is filled with caricatures of New Orleans types. The title refers to the (nick)names -- and personalities -- of the two unsentimental squatters -- Tremble and her boyfriend Ennui, who follows her coattails around on drunken misadventures throughout our "wasted town." This pre-Katrina novel still holds water today, helping us to not only remember our former laissez faire ways, but also to recognize that although much has been lost, we've hardly changed. Nicaud will make complimentary gin martinis at his reading. -- Katie Walenter

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