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Eco-cruising: A cleaner, ocean-healthier way to travel


They're On a Boat!

Eco-friendly lesbians go green on the high seas.

How do you know when the carbon-offsetting trend has jumped the shark? When it literally does so — aboard a Norwegian Spirit cruise ship loaded with 2,000 lesbians. One-upping Project 30-90's plans to stage the world's first carbon-neutral music festival is Sweet, a new enterprise billing itself as an "eco-friendly lesbian travel company." The fledgling venture's maiden voyage, which departs from New Orleans on Nov. 8, is a western-Caribbean island-hop combining elements that previously could have cohabitated only in the world's best k.d. lang video: a blingin' yacht; entertainment by lesbian comedians, musicians, DJs and celebrities and a choice of eight community-service projects including beach cleanup, reef restoration and park beautification. Sweet's goal is to leave a carbon footprint of zero through carbon credits, thanks to a partnership with Carbonfund.org, a Maryland-based company that aims to fight global warming through climate-change education, carbon credits and public outreach. Sweet CEO Shannon Wentworth says other guilt-free events in the works include a lesbian safari in Kenya, river rafting in Idaho and a palatial sabbatical in Cozumel. Visit www.discoversweet.com for details, as well as some personal tidbits about its travel agents (Flavia Belli's favorite song: "I Summon You" by Spoon). Men and hetero women: It looks like you missed the boat. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

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