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Dykes of Hazard Comedy Tour


Since the mid-term elections, coming out of the closet has been made fun and funny again, just like when Ellen DeGeneres made it the running joke on her sitcom. A Denver evangelical minister admitted to seeing a male prostitute for massages, before disclosing a more complete accounting of his adventures. Vice-President Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter Mary Cheney announced she is just months away from being one of two mommies to the child she is gestating. So the least you can do to hop on the bandwagon is to come out for the Dykes of Hazard comedy tour, which is rolling through the Red States. Former New Orleanian Kristen Becker, Canadian Linda Ellis and Houston native Slim Bloodworth are proving that lesbians aren't just good at birthing babies, they can tell jokes, too. Becker has performed stand-up everywhere from New York to Las Vegas' comedy festival. Ellis has brought Canadian audiences to their begging knees, and Bloodsworth is a veteran of several U.S.O tours. Estrogen-challenged local comic "Wild Bill" Dykes hosts the show. Tickets $10. -- Will Coviello

9 p.m. Thu., Jan 4

House of Blues, The Parish, 225 Decatur St., 310-4999;


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