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Where Ya Rack tells you where to park


The Young Leadership Council's (YLC) Where Ya Rack initiative installed 45 bike racks in 2010, and schools, businesses and other sponsors have signed on for an additional 100. Once those are in place, the group plans to install 150 more. "Your route to get there has been improved, but once you get there, where do you put your bike?" asks MBC vice president Dan Jatres. Here's a sample, from Uptown to Bywater. Find a full map of Where Ya Rack's racks at

Rue de la Course

1140 S. Carrollton Ave.

1 rack

Whole Foods Market

5600 Magazine St.

7 racks

Prytania Theater

5339 Prytania St.

4 racks

Poydras Center

650 Poydras St.

6 racks

YLC Center

1840 Euterpe St.

2 racks

Lafayette Square

5 racks

Aquarium of the Americas

1 Canal St.

4 racks

Bunny Friend Park

1 park

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