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Down by the Riverside : New Work by Kristin Littwin, Christopher Morrison and Lateefah Wright


As vaguely gothic little galleries go, Poets almost never fails to surprise. This time around Kristin Littwin's elaborately layered paintings and Chris "Slave" Morrison's surreal pop collages join Lateefah Wright's ceramic doll sculpture tributes to the women of the Old West. What they share is a sense of adversity and how people respond to it. Wright's droll little doll women set the tone with their sardonic, if not always proper, resourcefulness. Although based in Colorado, Wright has a special relationship with New Orleans, which has its own history of enterprising women. From the shady French ladies who came here in lieu of prison to the enterprising madams of Storyville, they all displayed the attitude epitomized by the winking woman atop Wright's musical coin bank bearing the motto: Save yourself. -- D. Eric Bookhardt

Through summer

Poets Gallery, 3113 Magazine St., 899-4100

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