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Down By The Riverside: A Concert of Thanksgiving

Trombonist Craig Klein has been extra busy this year -- besides playing, touring and recently, recording with Bonerama, he's also been restoring his Arabi home, which took 10 feet of water from Katrina. And even that's not all. When he and longtime buddy Armand "Sheik" Richardson surveyed the damage at Klein's home, Klein jokingly dubbed himself and his buddy the Arabi Wrecking Krewe for their enthusiasm with a crowbar. The moniker soon became true in a bigger way than they might have expected. For the past year, Richardson and Klein have organized a gang of volunteers to gut the homes of local musicians and their families free of charge. They now have nearly a hundred cleaned-out residences to their credit. This concert is the first time the musicians involved in the project will perform together as the Arabi Wrecking Krewe. Klein has taken 30 of the volunteers and organized them into performance ensembles that will play in the park in a concert of thanksgiving for all the good things that have happened since the storm. Since the Krewe's volunteers include some of New Orleans' best jazz, funk and R&B players, the park is sure to rock when the group takes a break from swinging sledgehammers to just plain swing. Free. -- Alison Fensterstock
  • Robert Sturman

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