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#AskBobby on Twitter proves to be a bad idea for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal

Jindal solicits questions via Twitter



  Gov. Bobby Jindal's Super PAC, Believe Again, thought it would be a good idea to solicit questions for the presidential candidate via Twitter last week. "Tweet us with #AskBobby and he might answer it at our town hall event tonight," @BelieveAgainGOP wrote. What could go wrong? and Raw Story collected a bunch of the best #AskBobby questions — among them:

   "Did your campaign launch in Kenner for a reason? #AskBobby"

   "If you're going to spend 5 days a week in Iowa can we put the gov mansion on AirBnB & make up some of the deficit you've created? #AskBobby"

   "If you're not a scientist when it comes to global warming how are you a doctor when it comes to women's reproductive systems? #AskBobby"

   "I look at your portrait and get that you identify as White. But after looking at your record, why do you identify as 'electable'?" #AskBobby

   "How does it feel to sell your soul for political gain and yet not gain anything politi- cally? #AskBobby"

  Several familiar New Orleanians joined in the fun. Zack Kopplin (@ZackKopplin), the college student who has led the fight against the teaching of "intelligent design" (aka creationism) in Louisiana public schools, asked, "When was the last time you talked to one of your biology professors? #AskBobby."

 The funniest line may have come from Jeffrey Bostick (aka @skooks), who writes the Library Chronicles blog. "I actually have a question for Grover Norquist," @skooks wrote. "But I was given this address for some reason."

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