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Don Giovanni


Of all the operas in all the world, one of the best-loved/loathed womanizers, Don Juan, walked into this one. Director Matthew Lata puts a film-noir touch on the classic Don Giovanni. "Both film noir and Don Giovanni have at their centers a strong, flawed male character," Lata says. "Both have men who induce young women to do wrong. Both are set at night and both have an undercurrent of violence." Mozart's version focuses on the final exploits of the infamous antihero as he attempts to seduce three very different women, all of whom vow revenge against Don Juan. Lata, who also directed the New Orleans Opera Association's 2002 production of Don Giovanni, says of the noirish take, "Not only is it a different visual approach, but it's also a different approach to their characters." It modernizes the mystery and suspense surrounding Don Juan and cloaks it in the shadowy ambiguities of noir, he says. 'The themes are not tied to a timeline " libido, obsession, these are universal. Don Juan has always represented what people want but never should have." Lata directs Lucas Meachem, Juliana DiGiacomo and Yali-Marie William. Tickets $30-$125. — Bryan Davis

8 p.m. Fri., Nov. 14; 2:30 p.m. Sun., Nov. 16

Tulane University, McAlister Auditorium, 529-3000;


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