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Displaced: Paintings and Constructions by Bob Tooke and Silke Thoss


They say politics makes strange bedfellows, but what about art or music? Do they make for strange liaisons? Peligro's current exhibition, Displaced, results from one such fateful encounter between Silke Thoss, a German artist with an interest in American pop music, and Bob Tooke, a Louisiana artist and musician who is profoundly unknown in his own home state. In fact, he is obscure here at home because he spent the past 20 years in Germany, where he and Thoss are famous for their spirited, polka-punk-country-gumbo band, the Watzloves. Visually, Thoss' paintings are folksy, kitschy tributes to vintage American pop icons such as Dusty Springfield, Nancy Sinatra and the Velvettes, while Tooke's are smaller, more alien and more, well ... obscure. United by destiny, Thoss and Tooke make strangely serendipitous art and music together. -- D. Eric Bookhardt

Through May

Peligro Gallery, 305 Decatur St., 581-1706


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