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Diana Grove: Dot.conned


A sucker is emailed at least every minute. Most of us hit delete and curse our spam filters. But not Diana Grove. She decided to fight back by corresponding with everyone who offered to help her redeem foreign lottery winnings, move oil riches out of African banks and share other sudden windfalls. Her chronicle of hassling the spamming con men of the world is collected in Dot.Conned. She responded to the emails, indicating an eagerness to help people in need. And while her goal may have been to actually extract cash from the scammers, she mostly succeeds in stringing them along with her own absurd and horrific tales. In different chapters she poses as a mad scientist harboring dangerous chemicals, a washed-up child star, a taxidermist and a Hubig's Pie baker. Some of the scammers could barely contain their contempt and frustration with her elliptical distractions and interfering agendas. While Grove has an entertaining flair for absurd humor, the chapters become more like the spam, and no matter what the details are, it's the same proposition. — Will Coviello

Diana Grove signs Dot.conned

6 p.m. Tue., Oct. 27

Octavia Books, 513 Octavia St., 899-7323;

Noon Sat., Oct. 31

Maple Street Book Shop, 7523 Maple St., 861-2105;

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