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Death of a President


British director Gabriel Range's Death of a President pushes fake news a step further in the popular imagination. He's been lauded for his technical skill at blending file news footage with fictionalized events and manipulated images to create a documentary that supposedly runs on television in 2008. It looks back on the assassination of President Bush in October of 2007, and the subsequent prosecution of a Syrian man in spite of a lack of evidence linking him to the shooting. The film won the International Critics Prize at the recent Toronto Film Festival and was also denounced unseen by some American talk radio personalities, Kevin Costner and Hillary Clinton. Two American theater chains refused to screen the film. Many aspects of the story have been filmed in similar projects and screened to less outrage. The original and remade Manchurian Candidate delved into plots to assassinate politicians and subvert the American political system. Oliver Stone's JFK covered sensationalized presidential-assassination ground. The recently released United 93, dared to fictionalize an actual tragedy that still resonates in contemporary politics. So is this film actually dangerous or just an easy target for grandstanding pundits and politicians? Zeitgeist brings the film to New Orleans for an exclusive two-week engagement. Tickets $7 general admission, $6 students/seniors, $5 members. -- Will Coviello

7:30 p.m. Fri.-Mon., Dec. 8-11; through Dec. 21

Zeitgeist Multi-discplinary Arts Center, 1724 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd., 525-2767:


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