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David Bazan at One Eyed Jacks


The David Bazan who grew up the son of a preacher man, and the one who led the haloed Seattle rock band Pedro the Lion for a decade (1995-2005), might be disappointed in David Bazan, the solo artist. The feeling would be mutual. "You can't be right about the future/ When you're wrong about the past," Bazan sings, to himself as much as anyone else, on Strange Negotiations (Barsuk), his second LP since slaying the Lion. (Elsewhere, the sentiment is distilled more harshly: "You're a goddamn fool.") Bazan has never shied away from pointed messages in titles and lyrics; his first solo EP, 2006's Fewer Moving Parts, begins with a song called "Selling Advertising," which poses four rhetorical questions that hit like hooks to the ribs: "Am I a Christian?/ Are you a Jew?/ Did you kill my Lord?/ Must I forgive you?" But Strange Negotiations' clean, catchy guitar parts frame some of his most probing reflections — nowhere more than on "People," a serene strummer that erupts into a mountainous rocker for Bazan's disenchanted chorus, a mission statement for losing your religion: "You've got to find the truth/ And when you find that truth, don't budge/ Until the truth you found begins to change/ And it does, I know." Bon Iver sideman S. Carey opens. Tickets $14. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

June 30

David Bazan

8 p.m. Thursday

One Eyed Jacks, 615 Toulouse St., 569-8361;

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