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Dash Rip Rock CD-release party

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The Baton Rouge-born trio Dash Rip Rock has been playing whomping, punk-damaged roots-rock since 1984. Its only constants are frontman Bill Davis and a cheery, sloppy, twisted Southern rock attitude. The latest record, Country Girlfriend, follows 2007's Hee Haw Hell — a concept album that gave Dante's Inferno a beer-stained hillbilly twist — and it brings more of the same guitar-pounding, garage-rock fervor in heaping helpings. A couple of the album's 10 tracks have the word "beer" in the title and most others have a reference somewhere in the lyrics. The rest celebrate the kind of gleeful frat-boy humor Dash has excelled at since graduation, like the tune "Google This" ("stick it up your Yahoo"), or the rhyming of "Afghanistan" with "don't give a damn" on the witty, tongue-in-cheek reel "New Orleans Needs Stronger Dikes." The liner notes say Country Girlfriend will elevate Dash into the ranks of the "Southern rock pantheon." Songs like "Let The Trucks Roll," which depicts truckers as heroes of the Hurricane Katrina Gulf Coast rescue efforts, will surely help give them a leg up. Country Girlfriend was produced by Better Than Ezra's Tom Drummond and released on Abitian Records, the outfit behind piano oddity Bobby Lounge (whose manager, John Preble, penned the poignant lullaby "Please Come To Mardi Gras," which closes Country Girlfriend — a sincere tearjerker on a record full of songs to spill your beer to). Jazz guitarist and Abitian labelmate Sarah Quintana opens. Tickets $8. — Alison Fensterstock

10 p.m. Wed., Nov. 26

One Eyed Jacks, 615 Toulouse St., 569-8361;

Jambalaya - Dash Rip Rock


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