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Dale Atkins Takes No Chances


  Clerk of Civil District Court Dale Atkins still had no announced opposition late last week, even though qualifying for the 2010 elections is just a little more than a month away. However, Atkins, the Democratic incumbent, is taking no chances. "We're preparing for re-election," said campaign spokesperson Renee Lapeyrolerie. Two high-powered lawyers — Chip Forstall and Darlene Jacobs — are co-chairing Atkins' finance committee. The 25-member panel convened Oct. 28 and agreed to raise $5,000 each for Atkins' re-election, Lapeyrolerie says. Political consultant Ray Teddlie will handle Atkins' media. The campaign is currently scouting potential venues for a December fundraiser. Atkins reported $21,947 on hand after spending $1,938 for a July "photo shoot" for new campaign literature, according to her latest campaign filings, dated Aug. 10. — Allen Johnson Jr.

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