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Cyrus and Jackson Close


  There has been lots of news lately about new restaurants and those in the works but some have been lost as well. Two recent closures are Jackson (1910 Magazine St., phone n.a.), which was pitched as a neighborhood restaurant in the Lower Garden District, and the Persian restaurant Cyrus (612 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, phone n.a.).

  Jackson was opened in October 2009 by Mark Anthony and John Bolderson, who took over a historic building that had seen a few restaurants open and close. Its immediate predecessor also was named Jackson, and although the new owners introduced a more casual menu, they kept the name and design.

  In Metairie, Hassan Seraji opened Cyrus a year ago in a sprawling new restaurant space at the former site of the Fun Arcade. A bit more upscale than most other local Middle Eastern restaurants, its menu was based on the cuisine of its owner's native Iran and featured many grilled meat platters and aromatic rice dishes.

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