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Liven up your desk space


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1. Royal typewriter photo in 3-by-3 gold frame, $42 at Scriptura.
2. What would Beyonce do? nameplate, $29.95 at Fleurty Girl.
3. Personalized stamp by Anna Griffin, $40 at Betty Hunley Designs.
4. Fleur-de-lis desk pen, $75 (ink not shown, $40) at Scriptura.
5. Acrylic and gold stapler, $18 at Hazelnut New Orleans.
6. Alligator container, $48 at Hazelnut New Orleans.
7. Vera Wang phone message pad, $50 at Betty Hunley Designs.
8. Royal giraffe mouse pad, $16.50 at AlexaPulitzer.com.
9. Visconti Rembrandt ivory fountain pen, $165 at Scriptura.
10. Marbleized notebook, $18 at Hazelnut New Orleans.
11. Embossed Italian leather journal, $180 at Scriptura.
12. Hand-engraved paperweight by Crane & Co., $95 at Betty Hunley Designs.
Royal elephant file folder, $14 at AlexaPulitzer.com.


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