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Crawfish myths dispelled by LSU AgCenter


LSU AgCenter dispelled two crawfish myths last week when crawfish researcher Ray McClain revealed the science behind the myths of boiling mudbugs. According to the AgCenter, straight-tailed crawfish are more likely to be alive before being boiled, and salting crawfish before boiling does not purge the meat (or remove fecal matter) — contrary to popular belief.

"Research at the LSU AgCenter has shown that the addition of salt to the wash water provides no significant advantage in cleansing crawfish despite the numerous claims to the contrary," McClain said in a Feb. 24 statement, adding that washing crawfish in water for 10 minutes helps remove mud and debris but does not flush out intestinal waste — salt won't help either.

"The only way to significantly reduce size and content of the intestinal tract is with a 12- to 24-hour freshwater purge, which is difficult and impractical for homeowners to do," he said.

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