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Theresa Cassagne

So fresh-faced was photographer Theresa Cassagne when she showed up to shoot our fashion feature that we thought she was the model. But her work (see p. 29) shows she's much more than just a pretty face. Cassagne honed her photography career in New York, Florida and New Orleans, and when she's not shooting, she spends time in her garden or sailing with her husband.

Curtis Herring

Billed on his Web site as a "full-service interior design firm specializing in upscale residential and corporate projects," it's no wonder Curtis Herring took a little time to get used to the constraints of our budget decorating project for "The Deal" (p. 12). It may have been small potatoes compared to his appearance on HGTV's Designer's Challenge, but he rose — or stooped, rather — to the occasion and came through with a lovely little curtained corner.

Michelle Verdigets

At CUE, we see all of our contributors as winners, but it is worth noting that the total price on the "warmed-up contemporary" vignette created for "The Deal" (p. 11) by interior designer Michelle Verdigets rang in at a whopping $9.50 less than Herring's. Well done! Verdigets, who has also appeared on HGTV's Designer's Challenge, takes on projects ranging from single room makeovers to the customization of estate residences.

On The Cover:

Diane von Furstenberg silk dress, $365, at Re Elle; Melissa por Herchcovitch, Alexandre wedges, $60, at Laurier. Special thanks to Ellen Johnson and Ronnie Swartz — who opened their home (and yard) to CUE for our cover photo and fashion shoot — and to their precious "publicity hounds" Emma and Tom (whose image graces the cover). Photo by Theresa Cassagne.


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