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(Common) Core report

Support down nationally



  A new Gallup poll measuring public school parents' opinion of the Common Core educational standards saw a slip in support for Common Core, particularly among Republicans. According to the phone poll, which was taken in September, 58 percent of GOP parents now feel negatively about Common Core — a 16 percent jump over a similar poll in April. More Democrats are in favor of the standards: 48 percent ranked Common Core positively, while 23 percent ranked it negatively, similar to the April numbers.

  Timmy Teepell, Gov. Bobby Jindal's former chief of staff-turned-political adviser, trumpeted the numbers on social media, tweeting, "Toxic numbers heading into an election year." Teepell didn't note that Jindal was a major supporter of Common Core just a few years ago — in fact, when Teepell himself was Jindal's chief of staff. Also, several polls over the past two years show Jindal's popularity is even lower than that of Common Core.

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