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Commentary: Gretna police and sewer millages

Our recommendations for two important millage propositions in Gretna


Gretna police and sewer millages: YES

Among the items on the ballot Saturday, April 28, are two important millage propositions in the City of Gretna. One proposition would renew a 2.4-mill property tax for sewer system maintenance and improvements. If approved by voters, the tax would be levied for 10 years and generate approximately $356,000 per year. This renewal is not a tax increase; it would merely continue a property tax already on the books.

  Also on the ballot is a new, 8-mill property tax dedicated to maintaining police manpower, which makes up more than 70 percent of the Gretna Police Department's annual budget. If approved, the proposition would generate nearly $1.3 million a year for 10 years. Gretna in recent years has lost several dozen experienced officers to neighboring jurisdictions. It costs thousands of dollars to recruit and train each new officer; investing in the department's current officers will keep experienced cops on the force and put more money into keeping citizens safe. We recommend our readers in Gretna vote YES on both these important propositions.

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