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Comfort Zone

Throw pillows add fashion and softness to your decor.



Indoor garden -- Brighten up a room with a spring-like round, pastel pink pillow with hot pink chenille flowers on the top and bottom, a lime center button and piping around the edges, and a rose-colored side panel by Davenport Home Furnishings, $143, from Plum (5430 Magazine St., 897-3388).

Keep it simple -- A lovely but no-nonsense pillow that will go almost anywhere starts with a white canvas background with plaited stripes in yellow, lime and orange by Dakota, $13, from Shanty Too (2027 Magazine St., 525-4388).

Portable seating -- Cushion your seating options inside or out with a square pillow with pink, olive and white stripes and a handle for easy carrying by Kiss That Frog, $36.25, from The Garden Gate (2036 Magazine St., 522-6599; 2918 Metairie Road, Metairie, 833-6699).

Beauty of geometry -- A long, rectangular pillow has wide stripes of lime and orange dupioni silk on each side of a white stripe that holds silk flowers inside a sheer strip; the pillow has pearl tube beading around the edges, by Midwest, $29, from The Shanty Too (2027 Magazine St., 525-4388).

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