Collectively Speaking

Three local organizations keeping the flame lit for underground rock and more


Label: Backporch Revolution

Genres: electronica, rock, folk, noise

Bands: Chef Menteur, the Buttons, potpie, Archipelago, Time Promises Power, B. Killingsworth, Electrical Spectacle, Becca Rice, Murmur, Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death, Liteworks, Geisterfahrer, King Ghidorah, Liteworks

Label: One Eye Records

Genres: metal, punk, pop, rock

Bands: We Need to Talk, Thou, the Robinsons, Promis, The Ghostwood, In Tomorrow's Shadow, The Faeries, Dear Diary I Seem to Be Dead, Searching for Chin, Eat a Bag of D***s, Not From China

Label: Community Records

Genres: ska, punk, hardcore, rock

Bands: Fatter Than Albert, the Flaming Tsunamis, Brunt of It, the Fad, We Are the Union, Arm the Poor, Murphy's Kids, Public Access, Stuck Lucky, Tusker, Safety

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