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Challenge, meet challenge

Cassidy pegs debates to Obama



  During her election night speech Nov. 4, U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu challenged U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy to a series of six debates in the run-up to the Dec. 6 runoff. Cassidy answered that challenge with a challenge of his own, saying that every time Landrieu barnstorms the state with President Barack Obama, he'll agree to one more debate.

  Obama is, of course, wildly unpopular in Louisiana, and Landrieu did not appear with him in the state during the campaign. In the last days of the primary season, big-league national Democratic support was lent by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who appeared with Landrieu at a rally in New Orleans, and former President Bill Clinton, who did the same in Baton Rouge.

  Cassidy did agree to one statewide televised debate during the runoff — to be held Dec. 1 and hosted by Raycom Media, which staged the final debate of the primary at the Manship School at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Like that debate, this one would fall just after the close of early voting.

  Though the Landrieu camp made much of the fact that Cassidy wasn't seen on the campaign trail the day after the primary election, there was no immediate reaction to Cassidy's challenge to Landrieu's challenge.

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