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Cecil Taylor: All the Notes


The still-active legendary jazzman Cecil Taylor is a true heavyweight. For 50 years, he has been playing his own unique piano style. It has been called avant garde, but that term does not go far enough to explain his rigorous technique, superhuman endurance and far-reaching improvisational imagination. Chris Felver's movie takes the viewer deep into Taylor's mind and heart as the reclusive Brooklyn musician recites his poetry, explains his music and discusses his philosophies and practices. Despite his fame and the respect his talents have garnered, Taylor's shyness toward the media has turned him into a mysterious, even mystical, artist. This film allows great insight into his methods, thoughts and music. A deep thinker and profound artist, Taylor has chosen an uncommon path filled with difficult but incredibly rewarding music. Felver does much to illuminate that path and detail how Taylor has pursued it. This film should be required viewing for music fans, avant garde art fans, and folks who realize that there is a non-mainstream jazz that is more creative than the institutions that have canonized the genre. -- David Kunian

8 p.m. Friday, Dec. 1

Zeitgeist Multi-disciplinary Arts Center, 1724 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd., 525-2767;


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