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Carville to Jindal: 'History will hunt you down'

Political consultant addresses LSU graduates



  Democratic political consultant and LSU alum James Carville plans to give a rousing call to arms to the LSU community about cuts in state support for his alma mater when he gives the commencement address at LSU's Manship School of Mass Communication this Friday.

  "I'm not gonna give the usual 'the world is your oyster' speech," Carville tells Gambit. "I can't do that when my alma mater is in crisis. I'm hoping to challenge the LSU community — especially the students — to get involved and stay involved in LSU's future. I'll have some special words, and even some special effects, for Gov. Jindal."

  Among those special words: "History will hunt you down," Carville says of the governor. "History is unforgiving and unrelenting. You cannot deflect it or stop it." Carville adds that the LSU Board of Supervisors shares in the blame for standing by idly while Jindal continued to cut funding for LSU over the past six years.

  Rumor has it Carville will incorporate videos and other visual effects into his address, which will be at 5:30 p.m. Friday at LSU's Maddox Field House.

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