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Carol Robinson's 25th Anniversary Exhibition of Gallery Artists



The year was 1980. The Cold War smoldered, the Ayatollah ruled Iran, nobody knew who Madonna was, and nobody watched MTV because it didn't exist. People still wore leisure suits, openly and in public, some listening to disco music. It took nerve to open an art gallery at such a time, but Carol Robinson took the plunge, in half of a shotgun on Magazine Street. The gods were with her and she soon moved to larger quarters. The art scene grew with her, attracting a new kind of cultural tourist. In 1997 she took over a former bakery on the corner of Magazine Street and Napoleon Avenue, where the gallery is located today. Looking back, she says, "I never considered art a commodity. It is a necessity, a celebration of the human spirit, and it defines our culture."

Through July
Carol Robinson Gallery, 840 Napoleon Ave., 895-6130;


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