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Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro re-elected to DA

Opponent Burns disqualified



  Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro was automatically elected to a second term last week when the Louisiana Supreme Court disqualified his sole challenger, former Assistant District Attorney Lon Burns, after Burns could not prove he'd filed state income tax returns for the last four years. Earlier this month Orleans Parish Civil District Judge Tiffany Chase had disqualified Burns, only to reverse herself. On Sept. 17, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed that Burns' candidacy could continue, but the Supreme Court disagreed, ruling that Burns could not prove he had filed his taxes from 2010-2013.

  "The Louisiana Supreme Court's ruling puts this issue to rest once and for all," Cannizzaro said in a statement. "I am looking forward to moving from this campaign and focusing 100% of my time and attention to addressing the criminal justice issues that are facing this city."

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