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Cane & Table ranks among best bars in Esquire



Esquire published drinks writer David Wondrich's list of the 18 Best Bars in America on May 26. It includes Caribbean-themed Cane & Table (1113 Decatur St., 504-581-1112;, which focuses on rum in proto-tiki cocktails. In the brief, Wondrich explains: "Why you're here: Because this new New Orleans favorite gives a word like distressed a good name. A few years back, when the owners of Cure, the city's seminal craft-cocktail bar (Best Bars, 2011), took over a vodka-and-absinthe bar a block from the old French Market, they had the good sense to rip out the features and expose the old bones lying beneath. They continued to exploit that good sense by stocking the place with rum, as if to remind us that should you sail southeast from New Orleans, the first place you'll hit is Havana."

  Wondrich is a frequent visitor to New Orleans and a regular presenter at the annual bartending industry and craft cocktail event Tales of the Cocktail (

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