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Can a food diary help me to lose weight?


A recent study found that keeping a food diary can significantly boost weight loss. Researchers found that those who kept daily food records lost twice as much weight as those who kept no records; and the longer food and physical activity records were kept, the more weight was lost. Simply writing down what you eat can encourage you to consume fewer and healthier calories. No one wants to write down two bags of chips and a double cheeseburger with super sized fries! Also, food journaling can help you identify cravings and eating triggers that may cause you to over eat. So think about writing down everything you consume... All of it... good or bad!

For information on how to maintain a healthy weight, contact sports and lifestyle nutritionist Julie Fortenberry, LDN, RD, at 504.457.3100 at The Fitness Principle with Mackie Shilstone at East Jefferson General Hospital, or go to www.ejgh.org/thefitnessprinciple.

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