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Joan Trenor provides lots of furniture and accessories options at - Cameron Jones for Your Home.
  • Joan Trenor provides lots of furniture and accessories options at Cameron Jones for Your Home.

Cameron and Joan Trenor, owners of Cameron Jones for Your Home (2127 Magazine St., 524-3119), sell contemporary furniture, lighting, accessories and original art, although they live in a neighborhood with a decidedly antebellum aesthetic.

  "We live in the (French) Quarter, so we liked the idea of things that could accommodate smaller spaces," Joan says. "In the New Orleans home, we've found people are wanting more contemporary things. They want to mix and match. It's juxtaposition, and that's what makes it fun and quirky."

  Cameron Jones' 3,000-square-foot showroom at Cameron Jones is filled with funky and out-of-the-ordinary pieces, including bar stools, rugs, sconces, furry pillows, original art, wall-mounted copper fountains and "puff chairs." Bar stools have long been a mainstay at the store, which has about three-dozen styles. Customers also may special order stools from among the hundreds of styles offered by various manufacturers carried at the store. The melange of pottery, mobiles, glasswork, metalwork and paintings are made by local artists and are affordable.

  "From the beginning, we have been working with local artists because it helps them, it helps us, and it's fun," Joan says. "You can build a whole room around a piece of artwork."

  Since opening 11 years ago, Cameron Jones has received acclaim from Interiors magazine and Foder's, as well as patronage from Hollywood set designers. "Movies like Failure to Launch, Father of Invention, Skeleton Key," Joan says. "All I know is they keep coming to us when they need things."

  Though decorating can seem overwhelming, Joan subscribes to a simple formula: She buys what she loves.

  "I think when you go around the house and get tickled by something and start to laugh, that's what it is all about," she says.

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