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Camelot Unveiled


Through the revisionist lens of French Quarter artist Geri Haywood, Marilyn Monroe and her White House lovers, President John F. and Attorney General Bobby Kennedy, appear as icons stranded at the intersection of the idealized 1950s and the sexualized 1960s. In other words, their dreams of power, sex and fame are ripe for the picking, hence this dark satire of that fateful night of phone calls, pills and ultimately death in poor Monroe's bungalow. But in this version, the brothers Kennedy are there for the 'fun,' with Jack plagued by visions of Cuba, his WWII days on the PT-109 and, apparently, the possibility of being a daddy in the most inopportune fashion. Leah Loftin takes on the blonde bombshell, while Lucas Harms plays the president and Andy English plays Bobby, with Elizabeth Ladach Bark as the Greek chorus. Dane Rhodes directs this evening of Hollywood one-acts. Tickets $23.

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