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Bruiser’s brings New Orleans hot dog invasion to Slidell



  The spread of laid-back, hot dog-centric restaurants has reached the Northshore with the arrival of Bruiser's (1904 Front St., Slidell, 985-326-8208;

  Bruiser's opened quietly around Thanksgiving, making its home in a former Gulf Coast Oil gas station that feels charmingly antiquated and playful.

  The restaurant's primary claim to fame — and its standout item — is the Barduca dog, which features chili, cheese, bacon and coleslaw piled high on a one-third pound, foot-long hot dog that has been (wait for it) deep-fried. If you still want your dog fried but aren't up to a full third of a pound, the Duca dog weighs in at a scant quarter of a pound and still provides a crispy, meaty crunch.

  Non-fried hot dog options include the New Yorker, a grilled weiner served with spicy mustard, onion sauce and sauerkraut, and the breakfast dog, which crowns the encased meat with cheese, scrambled eggs, grilled onions and peppers, bacon and pico de gallo.

  The restaurant is open for lunch Tuesday through Sunday and dinner Tuesday through Saturday.

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