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Brooklyn Brewery Mash returns to New Orleans March 23-29



  Brooklyn Brewery Mash ( — the international traveling food, beer and arts festival — makes its annual stop in New Orleans March 23-29. The series offers a week's worth of dinners, tastings and shows including a "slow supper" in conjunction with Dinner Lab ( that celebrates New Orleans' bounty of local produce. "Pints and pies" pairs Brooklyn Brewery beer with slices from Pizza Delicious (617 Piety St., 504-676-8482;

  "With the Brooklyn Brewery Mash, we bring people together with beer," says Brooklyn Brewery co-founder Steve Hindy. "But it is more than beer. It is homegrown food, homegrown beverages of all kinds and homegrown businesses. In 2015, we're very excited to be joining our craft beer brethren in New Orleans, along with chefs, artists and the creative class in and around [New Orleans], in celebration of our third year hosting."

  A new event in the New Orleans Mash is the Animation Block Party (4 p.m. Saturday, March 29, at One Eyed Jacks), which will feature animators from Brooklyn and New Orleans.

  The Brooklyn Beefsteak dinner looks to be one of the week's liveliest events, combining a New York-style beef steak dinner (a utensil-less spread of sliced steak and sliced bread) with beer, music and a communal "bread stacking" competition.

  "New Orleans is the perfect venue for pairing food and beer, which is why we have so much in common," says Brooklyn Brewery chef Andrew Gerson. "We value the importance of local ingredients and food that create a sense of place, pride and a respect for our cities. We're teaming up with ... Dinner Lab, which is always a hit and a lot of fun. We're collaborating with some new partners, like Brooklyn Beefsteak, who will be bringing their beef-and-beer fest to New Orleans for the first time."

  A full list of events is available on the Brooklyn Brewery Mash website, and tickets can be purchased there.

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