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Brooklyn Brewery Mash


  The Brooklyn Brewery Mash rolls into town with a six-day schedule of events at venues around town mixing cuisine, art, film, music and, of course, beer.

  New Orleans is the second stop on an 11-city national tour for the Brooklyn Brewery Mash, which is organized by the New York-based brewery and benefits the food advocacy group Slow Food USA. At each stop, organizers orchestrate collaborations between people in the local food and art scenes and counterparts from Brooklyn who are traveling with the road show.

  On Thursday, the Bywater standout Maurepas Foods (3200 Burgundy St., 504-267-0072; www.maurepasfoods.-com) hosts a beer dinner called "Local, 2 Ways," prepared by chef/owner Michael Doyle and chef Andrew Gerson for Brooklyn Brewery. That starts at 7 p.m. and costs $70. Call Maurepas Foods for reservations.

  On Sunday, Gerson will cook with Dinner Lab (, a local membership-based dining club, for a "swamp to table" dinner at an undisclosed location, and the Mash will use another secret location for an edition of Chaos Cooking, an interactive cooking party where guests bring the recipes and some of the ingredients (visit for details).

  Other food events include a Saturday talk with the founders of the Brooklyn candy maker Liddabit Sweets and local food advocate Poppy Tooker. The Vendy Awards (see below) are sponsored by the Mash, and a DJ dance party at Siberia and the Found Footage Festival (see Film Listings, p. 48) at La Nuit Comedy Theater are on the schedule too.

  The Uptown craft beer hub The Avenue Pub (1732 St. Charles Ave., 504-586-9243; serves as "Mash HQ," with special tastings Tuesday through Friday. Visit for details on all events.

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