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Colorful hues from Doug and Gene Meyer



Designing brothers Doug and Gene Meyer's (www.dougandgenemeyer.com) work is multicolored and multi-media. "We do interiors, fashion accessories, home products, fabrics, wallpapers and rugs — our company is a combination of a lot of things," Doug says.

  Featuring eccentric color combinations, the brothers' designs are functional art: Graphic ties look at home hanging in a gallery or around a neck; wool rugs feature toe-curling texture but look like pop art displayed on a wall.

  To that end, Longue Vue House and Gardens (7 Bamboo Road; 504-488-5488; www.longuevue.com) hosts a 30-year retrospective installation of the brothers' work that extends throughout the house, its gallery space and into the gardens. "There are a lot of charming things in this house," Gene says. "It has been a perfect foil for us, and the architecture itself is very grand and pure."

  The show is on display through March 31. Admission is $10.

All items are available at www.dougandgene.com. Bow ties and scarves are for sale in Longue Vue's gift shop.

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