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Brand Upon the Brain


Guy Maddin's Brand Upon the Brain is the type of indulgent and artsy film that draws both raves and sneers, a twisted fairy talelike black and white movie manifest with psychological deviance and sexual compulsion. In the absurdly fictionalized autobiography, Guy's mother summons him home to slap a few coats of paint on the family lighthouse. The Sisyphusian task of covering up their peculiar past and unseemly desires prompts a retelling of a bizarre childhood. Filmed like an early silent film complete with chapter title boards and written plot turns, but voiced-over anyway, the story becomes a creepy mess of memory, repressed desires and adolescent imagination. Guy's controlling mother guards over him, his older sister's chastity, the tiny island they live on and the family business, which is an orphanage, all while she flirts with a strange alchemy to regain her youth. Guy's memories revert to his childhood infatuation with fictional teenage twin detectives, who also appear on the island in a strange androgynous guise to help sort out all the ugly mysteries, but the answers just get more richly complicated. Tickets $7 general admission, $6 students/seniors, $5 members. -- Will Coviello

7:30 p.m. Tue.-Thu., June 12-14

Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center, Tulane School of Architecture, 827-5858;


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