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Dalton Lasnier, Doretha Jones and Tom Zolot
received the 2015 Joseph Massenburg Memorial Award for Excellence in National Service from Mayor Mitch Landrieu April 7 during the national Mayors Day of Recognition for National Service. Lasnier is an AmeriCorps member who runs the Pillowcase Project, a fire and hurricane safety education program; Jones works with Catholic Charities and is president of the Foster Grandparent Club; and Zolot is an AmeriCorps VISTA member serving the Center for Restorative Approaches.


Marshall Faulk,
New Orleans native and NFL Hall of Fame running back, was honored by city officials and members of the 9th Ward Field of Dreams and G.W. Carver High School on April 8. The Field of Dreams will be renamed the Marshall Faulk Field of Dreams Stadium. It also will feature state-of-the-art turf, lighting and video screens. Carver students who wanted to restart their football team built the Field of Dreams in 2008.


Whitney Bank
donated $75,000 to the National World War II Museum in New Orleans April 14. The donation will help construct "Campaigns of Courage: European and Pacific Theaters." The bank and museum also honored a group of longtime volunteers dubbed "The A-Team," including Ronnie Abboud, and posthumous honors went to Bert Stolier, Tom Blakey, Jack Sullivan, Frank Tuttle, George Wichterich and Vernon Main Jr.


Ken Romero,
host of KPEL-FM in Lafayette, claimed former Secretary of State and former U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton is unqualified to run for president by saying, "Lady, having a vagina does not make you qualified to run for president of the United States of America." His April 16 segment on "Romero on the Right" added that President Barack Obama never played "the race card" during his presidential campaign, but "Hillary, right out the box, is playing the 'sex card' before the campaign gets underway."

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