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Ashley Belding
was named a recipient of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation's Angel Award. Belding is a pediatric social worker and 20-year volunteer with Camp Pelican, a weeklong program for children receiving ventilator assistance or with pulmonary disorders. She also organizes the camp's Pelicanpalooza. The award comes with a $20,000 grant to the camp.


Dick's Sporting Goods Foundation
donated $119,000 to the Apex Youth Center on Simon Bolivar Avenue on June 28. The donation will support renovation of the basketball facilities and its team, The Elites, coached by CNN Hero Lisa Fitzpatrick. The foundation's Sports Matter program has funded more than 180 youth athletic teams in the U.S.


Stacey Jackson
pleaded guilty in federal court July 2 to one count of conspiring to defraud the federal government. Jackson was the director of New Orleans Home Ownership (NOAH) under former Mayor Ray Nagin. Jackson accepted kickbacks from NOAH-hired contractors, but did not ensure they perform the work they'd been hired to do. Judge Mary Ann Lemmon, who heard the plea, will sentence Jackson Oct. 16.


Corey Polk,
the third auditor with the Louisiana Department of Children and Family services charged with fraudulently using agency funds and credit cards for personal travel and other expenses, pleaded guilty to federal charges in U.S. District Court June 24. Delrice Augustus pleaded guilty May 28 and Kaneasha Goston pleaded guilty June 19.

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