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Sculpture for New Orleans (SFNO),

a public art program founded after Hurricane Katrina, has overseen the installation of seven new sculptures on the Poydras Street neutral ground and Convention Center Boulevard. It's the first phase of an ongoing public art project featuring Southern sculptures, which will eventually comprise 25 installations in downtown New Orleans. The program is curated by SFNO and the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.


Deutsches Haus

presented Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni with a $20,000 check for the city's Parks and Recreation Department. The German cultural center, which was displaced from its Mid-City home by University Medical Center construction, moved its annual Oktoberfest to Kenner's Rivertown in 2011 with great success. Deutsches Haus also announced its 2013 Oktoberfest will once again be held in Rivertown.


The Patrick F. Taylor Foundation

has pledged seven $15,000 scholarships per year over the next 12 years for first-generation Louisiana undergraduates who want to attend Loyola University. Scholarships will be awarded to students with demonstrated financial need who also meet the grade point average required by the foundation's TOPS program. The first scholarships will be awarded in August.


Michael "Brownie" Brown,

the hapless former FEMA head who's now a talk-radio host in Colorado, tweeted during the Super Bowl that "Someone just told me there was fighting going on in the NOLA Superdome. #shocked." At least we know that he's now aware where the Superdome is. The last we heard from Brownie, he was criticizing President Barack Obama for responding to Hurricane Sandy too quickly.

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