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Dennis Assaf,

executive/artistic director of the Jefferson Performing Arts Society (JPAS), received the American Association of Community Theatre (AACT) Distinguished Merit Award at the group's convention in New York City earlier this month. The award was given for "contributions made to promote and develop the highest standards for community theater." Assaf co-founded JPAS in 1978.


Chris Okorie

received the John Besh & Bride Mayor Scholarship, which will fund nine months of study and housing at The International Culinary Center's French Culinary Institute in New York Citys starting this fall. Okorie graduated from Cafe Reconcile's hospitality training program in 2010 and has been working at Cafe Adelaide for two years. Upon his return to New Orleans, Okorie will serve a 10-week paid fellowship with Borgne chef Brian Landry.


Zoe Geauthreaux and Kinga Malkinska,

both members of the class of 2013 at Benjamin Franklin High School, were awarded a silver and gold medal, respectively, at the GENIUS International High School Environment Project Olympiad in New York last month. The girls' science projects were chosen from among submissions from 50 countries.


Gov. Bobby Jindal

cited "deliberative process" — an exemption in Louisiana's public records request law — as an excuse not to comply with a public records request made by the Associated Press in regard to the Louisiana alternative fuel tax credit program fiasco. Once again, the man who ran for office on a platform of transparency has shown why he's now regarded as the country's least transparent governor.


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