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The New Orleans Charter Science and Math Academy

was one of six schools cited on the Sept. 20 episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show as one of the most successful charter schools in the nation. Winfrey showed footage of Sci Academy students before pulling out the big surprise: through her viewer-supported Angel Network, the eastern New Orleans school received a check for $1 million. Sci Academy was founded in 2008.


Beau Bratcher,

an alumnus of the University of New Orleans, is featured in this month's American Theatre magazine, spotlighting his summer directing internship with the Kennedy Center's American College Theater Festival. Bratcher graduated from UNO last spring with a Master of Fine Arts degree in theater and received a fully funded directing assistantship from the national festival.


Saints Gulf Coast Renewal,

a charity founded to raise money for victims of the oil disaster, raffled off an authentic Super Bowl ring this summer. Raffle sales reached more than $1.3 million, and the winner (Christopher Lynn of Hattiesburg, Miss.) was announced live during the Saints-49ers matchup Sept. 20. The group made its first ring-raffle donation this week: $500,000 split equally between Catholic Charities and the Greater New Orleans Foundation.


The Hayride,

a website about Louisiana politics, took its brash style too far this week in writing about Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid after Reid called Delaware Senate candidate Chris Coons "my pet." Declared the Hayride, "Nobody in American politics gives off the wannabe child molester vibe like Reid does." Referring to a man as a wannabe pedophile? Even in this nasty, angry election cycle, that was a new low.

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