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a nonprofit organization, came together quickly to produce a concert to offset the oil spew's destruction of our wetlands and provide financial aid to fishermen and their families. Put together in days by WWOZ-FM, Mardi Gras World, Rehage Entertainment and SDT Waste & Debris Services, the May 16 event attracted dozens of entertainers from Lenny Kravitz and John Legend to some of New Orleans' best homegrown talent. The speed with which this project came together was gratifying.


Susan Guidry

isn't waiting for City Hall to bring back recycling; her council office is doing it alone. On her second day in office, the new councilwoman for District A organized volunteers who will recycle her office materials, and she has offered to expand the program to other council offices. As for the lack of curbside recycling in the city, which hasn't been restored since Hurricane Katrina, Guidry says, "The time for excuses has passed." Recycling advocates have a new friend on the council.


Ray Nagin

used his city email account to conduct private business for his family-owned granite and marble company when he was mayor, according to emails Nagin finally released less than 24 hours before his term ended. Nagin and his wife, along with their two sons, owned Stone Age LLC, which did business with Home Depot at a time the home improvement giant was negotiating tax breaks from the city for a new store. Nagin's dealings with Home Depot are part of an ongoing state Ethics Board investigation.


John Turnpaugh,

a New Orleans resident, was sentenced this week to eight years in prison by U.S. District Judge Jay Zainey for threatening to kill President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, as well as for drug and gun offenses. In December 2009, Turnpaugh phoned the NOPD 911 line and told the operator he intended to kill the Obamas. NOPD officers and U.S. Secret Service agents who responded found Turnpaugh was selling marijuana and was in illegal possession of several firearms.

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