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Susan Larson,

longtime book editor for The Times-Picayune, wrote her final column for the daily paper last week. Perhaps no one else in New Orleans has done as much for local authors and bookstores as has Larson. Her kindness and thoroughness helped launch the careers of hundreds of local writers, and she fought to make sure bookshop owners who reopened after the levee failures had audiences. In a literary town such as ours, Larson's work was invaluable.


Chris Paul,

New Orleans Hornets point guard and NBA All-Star, is donating $61,616.61 to relief efforts in Haiti. Paul's donation will go to Project Medishare, an organization coordinating numerous medical teams on the ground in Haiti's capital of Port-au-Prince, and to "Athletes Relief Fund for Haiti," formed by former NBA player Alonzo Mourning and current NBA star Dwayne Wade. Paul announced his donation as a "citizen of New Orleans" and in honor of his late grandfather, who was murdered at the age of 61.


Lil W—e,

the New Orleans-born rap star, disrespected both his hometown and the entire Who Dat nation Thursday, when he told MTV he was rooting for Minnesota in Sunday's Saints-Vikings matchup. Adding insult to injury, Weezy said Viking quarterback Brett Favre was his favorite player in the entire National Football League. Try to imagine Fats Domino, Irma Thomas or Harry Connick Jr. exhibiting such blatant disrespect in the national media, and you'll understand why some dubbed W—e "Benedict Weezy." (We're so disappointed in in the man we won't even print his name here. He doesn't deserve it.)


Rush Limbaugh

continued to attempt to rewrite history last week on his syndicated radio show, saying "The lie that the federal response to Katrina was botched has become a standard, and it is a lie," and adding federal response was "spectacular ... once local Democrats let them in." Certainly there was bipartisan blame to be spread after the flood, but Limbaugh was insistent on refuting the "lie" that "[President George W.] Bush screwed around and dithered." We were here, Limbaugh; Bush screwed around and dithered.

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