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Aunt Sally's Pralines,

the French Quarter-based candy and gourmet food shop, was honored by the National Confectionery Sales Association for having one of the most influential new products in 2008/2009. Besides producing its signature pecan candy, Aunt Sally's introduced a light praline that has 85 percent less sugar and 40 percent fewer calories than the original confection. Two other products — the "Caramel Chewy" praline and the "Sugar and Spice" praline that combines pecan and pepper sauce — were included in the award.


The Chicago Bears

beat the Minnesota Vikings 36-30 in overtime to give the New Orleans Saints home-field advantage throughout the National Football League playoffs. To know how important playing games in the Superdome during the playoffs can be, Who Dats should recall the 2007 National Football Conference Championship when Chicago fans behaved boorishly, and the same Bears spoiled the Saints' 2006 miracle season. Unlike our Chicago brethren, we will be gracious hosts, but we will rock the Dome this month.


John Biguenet,

professor of English at Loyola University and noted local author and playwright, has had his work Shotgun nominated by the American Theatre Critics Association as the best new American play of 2009. It is the second installment in Biguenet's "Rising Water" trilogy, and it presents the story of a black woman and her displaced father who rent half of their shotgun double in Algiers to a white man and his son from Gentilly. The play premiered last summer at Southern Rep Theater.


Aaron Broussard,

Jefferson Parish president, received $4,775 worth of holiday gift certificates from 47 top parish administrators, according to records obtained by The Times-Picayune. The staff involved in this generous gifting serve at the pleasure of Broussard and Tim Whitmer, the beleaguered chief administrative officer, who was given $690 in cash by Broussard's executive staff. Whitmer also kept tabs on who gave and who didn't. Broussard is paid $124,000 a year, and he doesn't need or deserve such suspicious largesse.

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