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Stella Jones Gallery

received a 2009 Louisiana Culture Award in the category of Cultural Economy Development. Since its inception in 1996, the gallery has provided a venue for artists of the African Diaspora to exhibit their works. The gallery also considers education one of its primary goals, offering lectures, panel discussions, talks and exhibitions with the artists whose works are displayed in attendance to help African-American youth understand their heritage through the visual arts.


Lake Forest Elementary Charter School

in eastern New Orleans has been selected a 2009 National Title I Distinguished School for "Exceptional Student Performance for Consecutive Years." The school also recently received a four-star rating for school performance from the Louisiana Department of Education, one of only two city schools to attain such a designation. The Title I program was established in 1965 to improve academic achievement for the disadvantaged.


Ed Blakely,

the former "recovery czar," continues to bash the city and its citizens. In a recent interview, Blakely described New Orleanians as racist and lazy, saying about the recovery: "They never expected to do it themselves." Blakely obviously spent too much time while here looking up to the sky for the imaginary cranes he promised by September 2007. Otherwise, he would have seen the blood, sweat and tears spent by the rest of us who were actually rebuilding New Orleans.


Orleans Parish Prison

has had three inmates escape in 10 days. On Oct. 23, two men, Bryan Dunbar and Alex Lee, broke out of jail by scaling a fence. At press time, they were still at large. Shawn Francois walked away from a kitchen service detail in the Orleans Parish Security Complex on Nov. 2. Later that day, campus police apprehended Francois as he strolled around the grounds of Xavier University. Orleans Criminal Sheriff Marlin Gusman has suspended three deputies indefinitely as a result of the escapes.


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